Oak House

Melodic and Loud. Rock music from Athens Georgia

It's Friday

Who doesn't want to listen to NPR on Friday afternoon at 3?  Precisely.  No one.  Please check us out this afternoon on Athens, GA's very own WUGA program It's Friday!

The Whigs

Great show to be celebrated with The Whigs.  Pretty swell guys who previously held ownership in the Athens and now have moved on to Nashville.  Very rocking show we are proud to have been a part of.  Thanks to the Whigs!

Multitudinous New Oak Pieces

The time is now.  The time is nigh.  New Oak House nonsense is on its way.  Look closely.

Item A: Music video comes out of our very own "Little Queen"!  Be on guard next week.

Item B: Our album will be made available online on Sept. 16!

Item C: We will release a hard copy of our album at our release show

  • September 26th @ The 40 Watt Club
  • w/ Thayer Sarrano & Brothers

Item D: Related birthday information will be released in proximity.

Names, Nehmes, Naams, Naimes, Nahmes, Neyms, Nayyymes.

Let's be honest.  People like to talk about things that make them look well informed, funny, intelligent, or generally interesting.  We discovered that people might not like to talk about our band because our name was confusing.  For clarification, Sehrmann is two German words.  It is simply sehr and mann.  Ever heard the phrase "sehr gut"?  Yeah, same kind of thing.  But let's be honest, Sehrmann is creative and interesting, but it doesn't make the person talking sound so.  Thus, we the band members of Sehrmann are giving the gift of simple english.  Welcome to the world of Oak House.  The house where every sehr mann is welcome.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

It is a very exciting time for Sehrmann.  Thanks to the Ryan Monahan, Suny Lyons, and all others involved, we have finished recording, mixing, and mastering our first album.  It is a full length 12 song album and is quite the journey.  

We look forward to releasing it sometime in September and plan on having a release show at some point after that!  Thanks to all who have been a part of this process and spread the word of our upcoming release!

Also, expect something stimulating this summer in the form of music videos.  Huzzah!