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About us

Born and raised in the Empire State of the (Dirty) South,  and after an almost six year stint making a strong mark on the Americana and Country music scene of Denver, Murray has returned home to the Southland, this time to Nashville.  And that yearning for place and identity—after leaving, then rejecting, then painful longing for—is exemplified in the voice of this refreshing songwriter, who Country Music People UK calls “quite sensational…the whole package.” 

Fresh off the heels of her late 2013 acclaimed all original debut album, Unravelin’, which the Denver Westword notes as a collection of “eleven tracks [that] reveal a honeyed and spirited vocalist with a distinct style,” Murray is delving deep in  the emerging Americana and Indie Country scene of Nashville and the greater Southeast, resonating her unmistakable songwriting style and sharp voice. As Wild American Radio says, “there aren’t a whole lot of artists—especially at this stage in the game—capable of Murray’s lyrical and musical concepts, much less her execution of them….with the right label and management, Kristina Murray might be a name you start hearing more and more.”

In The Hills, On My Own 
by Joe Thomas

The road from Atlanta, Georgia to the Colorado Front Range is a long one. It winds through most of America, through plains and river deltas, cities and farmland. The trip is marked and shaped by the places through which you wind.

There are country queens and swinging doors, as the fabulous electric guitar work of James T. Davis dances through with bluesy joy and pain; there’s pedal steel, a real drum kit and bass, and Kristina’s own acoustic guitar weaves through the background.  With childhood friend Cat Brantley on vocal harmony on a few tunes, it feels as though we’re listening to two women who are related—like the Judd’s—a perfect blend of voices that sends shivers down your spine. You will feel this album moving through you.  It’s a CD I want in the car with me as I’m headed down the road, for the album conjures all the richness of Americana, pulling up what lies below the surface.  We feel like we are in the true America, the one currently hidden behind the gloss and glitz of Nashville, the one of deep soil, the America of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and other giants of the land.

Kristina Cox