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We have an extensive string quartet, trio and duo repertoire list encompassing music from classical, pop, jazz, tango and folk genres. We are happy to accept requests of difficult-to-find arrangements (please note that there may be an additional fee) and we are happy to guide you with your choices. Another is providing services that promote the health and well-being of people in the music industry. New areas have been sketched, that might challenge people to think outside the usual borders of traditional health care and music education or therapy. The articles are a brief collation of thoughts and resources that are aimed at stimulating further discussion.


Tanya has been teaching children for over 15 years and delights in sharing her love of music with those around her – including her two young daughters. She is a firm believer in the benefits of early childhood education and invites you to discover its advantages through her supportive, collaborative and creative classes.

Important dates

There are certain dates where we can be available to meet the audience. Music Health Australia is a one-stop-shop that provides professional music and health services to support the development of better Music Health in Australia.  This can involve removing barriers, advocating for people to make their own choices in music, creating/adapting environments to support people’s music occupations, designing special musical equipment, modifying methods to enable better music performance,  and supporting continuous quality improvement at the systemic or individual level.

Their extensive experience assures that your event will not only sound incredible but will exude refined elegance.They are dedicated to providing clients with the highest of quality performance – whatever the occasion.Raphael String Quartet specialise in tailored packages to suit their clients’ event requirements.They offer a range of ensembles including string quartet, string trio, string duo and solo violin, viola or cello.We have an extensive string quartet, trio and duo repertoire list encompassing music from classical, pop, jazz, tango and folk genres. The approach is tailored to addressing unmet need, especially for people experiencing social disadvantage.

This is the lastest picture of oakhouseband show.
We have played at countless same-sex commitment ceremonies, and support the push for a change in the law.e feel like we are in the true America, the one currently hidden behind the gloss and glitz of Nashville, the one of deep soil, the America of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and other giants of the land.With childhood friend Cat Brantley on vocal harmony on a few tunes, it feels as though we’re listening to two women who are related—like the Judd’s—a perfect blend of voices that sends shivers down your spine.

What you can expect of us:

  • We meet with you to discuss your requirements prior to your event – we don’t just turn up on the day without pre-planning;
  • We present ourselves in professional attire and we’re well groomed – we don’t attend events looking scruffy;
  • We can accommodate unexpected time over runs- we don’t book back-to-back events and rush off immediately;
  • We play all of our own events – we don’t send tertiary students in our place; and
  • We take a 5-10 minute break each hour – we don’t take a large volume of breaks during a performance.

The practice frameworks are continually changing so the articles attempt to explain some of the ways in which projects were personalized for particular people, communities and environments. They give practical insight into the phases of peoples’ cultural engagement in community music.

The primary role of Music Health Australia is to provide professional Music and Health Services that benefit individuals and communities. The aim is for Music Health, a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being in relation to music, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We explore and use music to make a difference in people’s lives, and consider the societal benefits of music experience, especially from a holistic perspective.

SUTTONS HOUSE OF MUSIC aim to provide quality entertainment to the Ballarat and broader community. We offer different kinds of events to cater for all and every show can vary in ticket price, menu option and seating. Events that offer the Dinner & Show package include a 2 course meal & seating, while the show only tickets can not guarantee you seating, ‘this is a standing room only ticket.

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